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Casting/Audition Title Location Project Type Submit by
The Producers Auditions in Washin.. Portland, OR Theatre - Non-Equity 03-23-19
The Secret Garden Auditions Denver, CO Theatre - Non-Equity 02-24-19
Legally Blonde The Musical Auditi.. Los Angeles, CA Theatre - Non-Equity 02-22-19
Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook Aud.. Charlotte, NC Theatre - Non-Equity 02-17-19
Boeing Boeing Auditions Denver, CO Theatre - Non-Equity 02-17-19
Sister Act Auditions Orlando, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 02-17-19
Best Little Whorehouse In Texas C.. Jacksonville, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 02-16-19
Freaky Friday Audition Grand Junction, CO Theatre - Non-Equity 02-15-19
Junie B. Jones, Jr. (Musical) Aud.. Charlotte, NC Theatre - Non-Equity 02-14-19
Wheels Las Vegas, NV Feature Film-Inde/low Budget 02-12-19
Snow White Auditions Charlotte, NC Theatre - Non-Equity 02-11-19
The Laramie Project Auditions Cleveland, OH Theatre - Non-Equity 02-10-19
Connecticut Auditions for Macbeth Albany, NY Theatre - Non-Equity 02-09-19
Playing Bridge Auditions Boise, ID Theatre - Non-Equity 02-08-19
Sweet Charity Auditions Miami, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 02-03-19
Stalag 17 Auditions Kansas City, KS Theatre - Non-Equity 02-03-19
Aladdin Auditions Oklahoma City, OK Theatre - Non-Equity 02-01-19
Audition for Bus Stop Austin, TX Theatre - Non-Equity 02-01-19
Last Days of Judas Iscariot Audit.. Portland, OR Theatre - Non-Equity 01-27-19
Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka Auditions Kansas City, KS Theatre - Non-Equity 01-27-19
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How to Become an Actor

The good news is there are more acting jobs today than there have ever been. The bad news is there is more competition now than there ever was before. Achieving any kind of success in this business means years of perseverance and sacrificing time and money to dedicate to your craft and auditioning for roles.

The first thing you need to do is get an education in acting. Acting isn't for everyone, so taking a college class is probably the best way to see if this is what you really want to do. If you're already dead-set on becoming a thespian, your next step is to major in acting at a college. You will be doing productions in front of sizeable crowds, great practice for becoming focused on what you're doing and performing in front of a large audience.

If you find that you need to iron out kinks in your technique, hiring an acting coach might be another option. A person like this can give you the personal attention you need and find where your weak spots are; something a professor in a big class might not be able to pick up on.

When you reach a level where you can objectively say you're a good actor, you should try your hand at community theater. This can be a step above college theater if the theater is in a city known for its acting community. Get a role in one of these productions and you'll be with other actors who are polishing their craft just like.

After that, you can decide if you want an agent or not. At least you'll have the experience and education behind you at this point to have a good chance at landing a reputable agent who will be able to go out there and get you work!

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