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Acting Casting Calls

Preparing for Acting Casting Calls

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Walking into a casting call can be a nerve-racking thing. To ace your acting casting call, there are a few things you must know to prepare.

As you enter the casting call room, you'll see the casting director and maybe a camera operator and producer. If you're doing a commercial, you might also see a rep from the advertiser or if you're doing a musical, you might find the choreographer in the room too.

No matter who you encounter, be respectful and courteous. You never know who knows who. For all you know, the guy sitting in the back who looks like an intern could be the producer's nephew.

When it's your turn to audition, remember you're meeting with people who have probably seen 50-100 actors before you and are now tired and ready to go home. Because they're so bored and irritable at this point, make their job easy and give them a good feeling about you when you leave the acting casting call.

Do this by giving them a brief introduction and waiting for them to ask for your headshots and resume. After that, they might want to take a picture of you so they can review everyone they've seen that day. Smile so it matches up with your headshot.

At this point, they'll tell you where to stand so they can view you clearly. Then the casting director will yell "slate." This just means to give your full name and the agency who reps you.

Now you're ready to audition.