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Take Control Of Your Acting Career

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There are thousands of other actors out there vying for the same roles as you. If you don't try to get out there and shake things up, then you're doing yourself a disservice. So you can choose to be lazy or you can choose to help get your career off the ground by being proactive.

The first thing you want to do is to figure out what your type is. Are you a nerd? A tough guy? A business man? Ask some of your friends and family and even total strangers what they think. Once you do that, you can market yourself accordingly. Decide what types of projects you want to shoot for. Do you want to do film, TV, or both? Consider also how you look in each medium. Some people look best on the small screen versus the silver screen. Try to gauge which works best for you and let that influence whether you target TV or movies.

From there, get your contacts in order. Make a list of everyone you know who is either in the entertainment industry or has friends or relatives who are. Do you know any casting directors? What about directors you've worked with?

Lastly, do some research and find out which productions use actors of your type. Once that's done, find out who the casting directors and producers were for these productions and get in touch with them. Use IMDB or another online database that will have this information.

We wish you good luck but like coach Lombardi said, "Luck is preparation meeting opportunity."