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Axel and Belbel Episode 1- - Casting ID # 1569912
Project Type Voice Over Submission Type Self Response
Location Union Non-union
Rate/Pay n/a Release Date 04-10-18
Audition Date n/a Submission deadline 10-31-18
Casting Category Voice-Over
Axel and BelBel is a multi episode audio drama. Axel Bailey frequently stumbles across ghosts that only he can see. This upsets him because he is a huge introvert and only wants to be left alone by everything and everyone.
Isabella Belle is a weird, but misunderstood girl. Axel finds her strange and random, but keeps her around because she’s mildly clairvoyant and tends to keep the two of them out of serious danger.

Together they reluctantly solve the problems of the endless supply of dead that keep bothering Axel with their problems.

Role # 1 Uncle Jay
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role

An old dead guy that resides in a run down home in the city. Smoker. Axel wants his house. He's old, so talk slowly when you voice him.

Searchable talent specs :

Gender: Male
Age: from 18 to 35

Role # 2 Liam Reid
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role

Liam is a boy in his late teens. He used to live with his Uncle Jay before he died. Girls or guys can play him.(I'll just mess with the pitch)

Searchable talent specs :

Gender: Male
Age: from 13 to 17