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Child Acting Audition

Parent's Guide to Child Acting Auditions

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Child Acting auditions involve the parent heavily, so for your child to have a good audition, there are things you as a parent must do well.

The first rule is to be honest with your child. Tell them that no acting part is guaranteed, and they may go on dozens of auditions before they get their first part.Then they can decide whether or not performing is for them. After all, it is and should always be their decision. Never pressure your child to audition. Be supportive and as interested as they are.

During an acting audition, the cardinal rules apply just as in a regular, adult audition. Arrive fifteen minutes early and come prepared and rehearsed. Though your child is playing a part, let them be themselves. Casting directors like kids who act like kids. It is your child's choice to have you accompany them into the audition. You as a parent will not be able to sit in the audition.

Be respectful and tell your child they did great afterwards. Constant support is necessary when the rejection rate of child acting auditions is so high. Once the audition is over, wait two minutes before you leave in case the casting director wants your child to come back in and read again. After two minutes, sign out, thank the casting assistant and leave quietly.

If your child is sincerely into acting and wants to pursue it as a career, enroll them in local theater companies and expose them to arts around your area as well as find other auditions for children that you and your child both think would be fun roles to do. Good luck!